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made with love

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I always make my paintings with love and compassion. Sometimes it expresses itself in softness and balance, other times in passion and power. I hope that you are somehow touched by one of my painting. That's the reason of their existence!


In my paintings I look for beauty and balance and do this by focusing on two main themes: flower paintings and portraits. My flower paintings are meant to bring joy and capture a powerful atmosphere; often flowers tell you feelings from the heart. With my portraits I hope to create an everlasting memory that becomes more and more precious as time goes by.


In the gallery you will also find art based on nature and still life, paintings that I also made with great pleasure.


Made with love,



Janine van der Kaaij-Kruijmer

Iepenlaan 21, 1272 HW Huizen

The Netherlands

M 00 31 (0)6 24340429 

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