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About Janine

I have known the love for painting and drawing since childhood. After studying Economics, I worked in business for several years. Being blessed with two sons and two daughters I started to professionalize my art business. For many years I have painted flowers, exhibited and given workshops. My flower paintings have found their destination worldwide and still do. Impressionism also made my heart beat faster and gave me a new range of techniques. I was able to master classical portrait painting from the old techniques. At the moment I combine a lot of my experience and techniques in one painting.

I do a lot of commissioned work, but I also like to develop my own designs into new sources of inspiration to the art lover.

Somehow my heart has to speak when I'm painting. I need to feel the subject, the colors, the lines, the lights and the darks. Only then the painting comes to life, no matter what the subject is.


At the Gooise Academy in Laren and the Angel Academy of Arts in Florence, I was able to develop impressionism and classical portrait painting, respectively. And for the greatest part of my education I'm a self taught artist with many inspirational hours.

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