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Falling in Love: Paintings of the Fall


Autumn is the season of warm colours, falling leaves, wind and rain. Autumn is also the period when nature comes to rest, allowing trees to work on themselves and retain moisture for the colder period to come. Autumn also has its own dishes: products that are harvested in that season, which taste better in a certain season because they suit the circumstances.

There is a time for everything and every life also knows the changing of the seasons in a life course, but also in the smaller periods of life. Autumn is described as a period of letting go, repentance, reflection and evaluation.

Next season I want to dedicate my paintings to autumn. This season lends itself enormously to an abundance of color and subjects. I like to take you on my journey of discovery and call it 'Falling in Love' in the hope that these 'Fall' paintings will touch you like a crush.

With autumn comes warm, deep colors. The colors I want to work with are warm yellow, aubergine, orange, brown, beige, warm green, warm red. Actually many colors but everything with a warm appearance. I also try to bring back the stormy nature of autumn in the free way of painting: looser and wider keys, undefined, just put down and not knowing which way they are going. Like the wind you don't know where it comes from and where it's going.

The first painting in the 'Falling in Love' series is below. The transition from the sunny, warm summer to the upcoming autumn is reflected in this. Up close, the painting is actually made up of all kinds of abstract compositions that arise from a 'letting go' feeling of painting. This is a new challenge for me and I hope you will enjoy.


100 X 100 cm - acryl op linnen


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